Sapone Molle Potassico attivato alla Bicarbonato

Il prodotto è indicato per lavaggi fogliari, per asportare residui organici creati da attacchi di insetti e crittogame, inoltre irrobustisce la cuticola fogliare creando una maggiore resistenza meccanica.

Formulato indicato in presenza di malattie crittogamiche

Tanica da 5 kg

Dose e modalità d'impiego

Fruit trees, citrus: 700-900 g/hl; Garden: 600-800 grams per hectolitre; Greenhouses: 500-600 grams per hectolitre; Macrotunnel: 550-700 grams per hectolitre; Ornamental floral: 600 grams per hectolitre; Winter treatments: 1000-1200 g/hl
Vegetative treatments do not exceed 800 g/hl

Caratteristiche del prodotto

The soft SOAP potassium is a product prepared in accordance with the formula created in the early 1900s, i.e. with the "cold method" or Marseille, to get a long-chain carboxyl SOAP. This preparation is based exclusively on vegetable oil low in saturated, with the total exclusion of palm oil or animal fats that give rise to products from poor efficiency. The wording is particularly suitable for vegetable plants, fruit trees and garden plants that have attacks of cryptogams. The product has a cleansing action strengthening natural defenses Sanitizer.


● The product is compatible with compatibility with rock dust, sodium silicate, bentonite, with common pesticides except those containing metal ions. To exclude any combination with fertilizers with microelements and especially with copper based products, as it would give rise to insoluble precipitates.
● COMPOSITION soy bean oil 35%, potassium hydrate 7%, 7% sodium bicarbonate, concealers of acidity.
● WARNINGS In a protected environment (greenhouses, tunnels, etc.) do not exceed the minimum dose per hl of water and treatments must be carried out in the coolest hours of the day. For agricultural use